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Road Tests

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Most of these documents are color and will take a while to load - so please be patient! Also, there are no duplicates, so if you see multiple entries for the same model BMW for the same year, they are different documents. Due to the limitations of scanners, centerfold ads & folded catalogs will have to be printed to see them in their entirety.

BMW  Road Test  &  Model Preview Articles Issue Date
R60 Road Test February 1959
R69S with sidecar Road Test June 1961
R69S Road Test September 1966
R69US Road Test August 1968
R75/5 Road Test 1969
R60/5 Road Test 1969
R75/5 Road Test November 1969
R60/5 Road Test November 1970
R75/5 Road Test June 1972
R60/5 Road Test August 1972
R75/6 Road Test November 1973
R90/6 Road Test February 1974
R90S Road Test March 1974
R90S Road Test June 1974
R90/6 Road Test June 1974
R90/6 Road Test Summer 1974
R90/6 Road Test September 1974
R90S Road Test November 1975
R90S Road Test December 1975
R90S Road Test January 1976
R100RS Road Test November 1976
R90S Road Test December 1976
R100RS Road Test December 1976
R75/6 Road Test Winter 1976
R100S Road Test April 1977
R100S Road Test May 1977
R60/7 Road Test August 1977
R100RS Road Test December 1977
R100RS Road Test March 1978
R80/7 Road Test October 1978
R100RT Road Test January 1979
R100RT Road Test April 1979
R65 Road Test July 1979
R100S Road Test October 1979
R80GS & R80ST Road Test March 1983
K100 Intro Article January 1984
K100RS Road Test February 1991
R1100RS Road Test May 1993
K1100RS Road Test June 1993
R1100GS Road Test August 1994

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