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Gas Tank Photos

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If there's one accessory that most BMW owners like, it's a custom tank. Nothing makes a bike stand out in a lineup of "me-too" black BMWs like a big tank.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a page devoted to photos of these custom & aftermarket tanks, so you can see what's available out there.  jl

 flame Heinrich

I thought I'd start out this new web page with this wild Heinrich. Beautifully done - if not to everyone's taste - the flame paint job on this tank extends to the rest of the bike. This is a real late Heinrich, and one of the few I've seen with the /7 style flush filler cap.

Red Heinrich

Another nice looking Heinrich 10 gallon tank, this time in red. I've yet to find a good replacement source for Heinrich kneepad rubbers, so if you're repainting your Heinrich, don't be too quick to rip them off - paint around them!

mystery plunger tank

Ok, does this tank have you scratching your head? The engine swap should give you a hint. See the next photo for the answer.

mystery plunger tank

What you see on this bike is a WWII BMW R75 (military sidecar bike) toolbox tank, which has been heavily modified. Note the extreme knee area indents! A speedometer has also been recessed into the tank, next to the filler cap. The old hand shifter flat spot on the tank has been removed, providing room for a BMW emblem on the right side of the tank.

Super-Big Heinrich

This has to be the LARGEST Heinrich I've ever seen on a post 1969 bike! Having lived with a 10 gallon Heinrich for 15 years, I'd guess that this is about a 12 gallon unit. The tool box on top is absolutely required, because there's no way you'll get to anything under the seat!

Super-Big Heinrich

Another view of the large Heinrich.

red plungger Hoske

This red Hoske is off a 1952 R67/2 that I found about 20 years ago. The whole bike was painted red from the factory.

11 gallon Heinrich

Another /7 style Heinrich, this time a more modern 11 gallon unit.

/2 Hoske

A 10 gallon Hoske made for a /2 twin. Two-tone paint really helps disguise the immense size of some of these tanks!

plunger Hoske

This Hoske is a little over 6 gallons, and (once painted black again) really makes a plunger twin look good!

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