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K100RS and R5

My 1985 K100RS and my 1936 R5... 50 years of evolution.

1974 R90/6

August of 1974. Ready for a Sunday ride. My first new BMW, a 1974 R90/6, fitted with an Avon full fairing. Yes... it got hot behind those leg shields.

BMW racer

An early BMW racer on display at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, in 1973.

R67/3 and me

Just about to say "please don't take my picture..." circa 1979, me about to start my 1955 R67/3 and go for a ride. Gosh I wish I had that one back.

Factory Gray R60/2

A pretty rare machine in the States, a factory original gray. Seen here at a Vintage BMW meet in Ohio about 1985.

Going too far...

No - I'm not anal retentive, but I play one on TV... Just back from the cad plater, the fasteners for my 1942 BMW R75 with sidecar carefully sorted into piles. I did this to make sure the plater didn't lose anything... yeah, that's the ticket...

1951 R25

My 1951 R25 after restoration. Finished in "feather white", a color that was more common in Europe on bikes that BMW supplied to the Red Cross.

Henna Red R69US

At the same Ohio Rally as the gray bike above, this factory red R69US. This bike was sooooo fine. It was on its way down to its new owner in Florida, where it still resides today.

1942 Harley-Davidson XA

Hey, what's this American stuff doing here? My 1942 Harley-Davidson XA, which I restored to bring to the 50th anniversary of the D-day landings in France in 1994. An experimental flat twin shaft drive BMW copy. This one fitted with 15 inch disk wheels for the desert. One of 1,005 made.


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