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Czech R75

A very nice R75 solo bike seen at a Czech bike meet. Other than the rubber intake tubes and the ersatz carbs, the bike is really fine.

Czech R75

Another view of the same bike. They should all look this nice.

trailer before restoration

If you have an R75 or KS750, eventually you think about getting a trailer. This was my trailer before restoration.

trailer after restoration

The same trailer after restoration.

early R75

An early R75 solo bike, loaded in the back of my van and heading home. Life is good.

R75 parts

Another view of the van. Seen here is a spare R75 engine and a few extra throttles.

collector's garage

Another collector's garage here in the States. You can just make out an R12 behind the stairs.

early KS750 sidecar frame

My early Zundapp sidecar fender, seen here during a trial-fit while being restored. This is a good photo of the first generation KS750 sidecar frame. Instead of 1/2 leaf springs as used by the R75, these frames used torsion bar suspension for the sidecar body and drive wheel. The sidecar fender is unique to the KS750, as is the fender mounting bracket.

late-war R75 sidecar fender

Compare the previous shot to this view of an R75 sidecar frame. The 1/2 leaf spring body suspension is easy to see. This is a very late-war version of the R75 sidecar fender. It was a 160mm fender of the same profile that the bikes changed to a year or two before. It was also different than all previous sidecar fenders in that the fender didn't extend all the way down to the sidecar frame at the front - it ended up high to help keep mud from collecting between the wheel and the fender. Along with the unique fender, all three fender mounts are different for this fender.

 160mm s/c fender bracket detail

A close up shot of the front bracket seen in the previous photo. This same bracket design was used on some of the early the post war Steib sidecars - though I've never had them side by side to see if the holes actually line up.

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